Our Mission

The Blank Canvas

In the world of flipping, we are used to straying away when we hear that the project was a flip by a contractor or similar. The reaction the team usually receives is usually along the lines of "WTF!?" 

We aim to take these older homes and analyze where the money is better spent for a family to make the home their own. 

Do you invest in "putting lipstick on the pig" or creating a blank canvas for your buyer? 

Most Flippers' would say that putting lipstick on a pig and getting a quick return is the primary goal; however, our objective is quite the opposite. 

We make the same investment with an adjusted timeline. 

We get the quality right, and the aspects of the renovation worth our buyers' investment. 

The goal is a canvas allowing future buyers to make this home their own. 

We don't decide what would be "nice to have" or "cool to see"; we allow you to do that yourself and avoid putting more obstacles in the way. 

Contact us at WTF today so that we can explain our unique and thoughtful approach and help you envision your dream home. 

Don't let others make the investment or the design decisions, and, as a result, eliminate the aspects of a house that will make it your home. 

We want to make "WTF!?" a positive reaction!